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Else Christensen-Redzepovic

Project Manager

+45 40111383
Else Christensen-Redzepovic is the project manager of Voices of Culture. Else holds a Master´s Degree in Political Science from the University of Leuven (KULeuven) and a Bacherlor Arts Honours Degree in Germanic Studies from the University of Melbourne. She is an independent expert and advisor to public and civil organizations. Her expertise is strategy, EU processes, policies & instruments, international dialogue & cooperation, community processes & facilitation and advocacy. Else was born in the Danish-German border region of Schleswig. She has lived and worked in Australia, Austria, China, Sweden and Belgium for most of her adult life and, has 30 years´ experience in strategizing, conceptualizing, developing and leading complex and large-scale processes focusing on empowerment of local communities, sustainable urban and regional development, rural & culture-tourism development and European Capital of Culture candidacies. Else has curated, facilitated and managed large-scale events throughout Europe and Australasia.

Ernest Thiesmeier

Project Officer

Ernest Thiesmeier is the project officer for ‚Voices of Culture‘. He is responsible for external communication and the website as well as for logistical organization of the ‘Brainstorming Meetings’ and ‘Dialogue Meetings’. Ernest holds a Master of Philosophy in Textual and Visual Studies from Trinity College Dublin and a Bachelor of Science in Media and Communication Studies from Erasmus University Rotterdam. In 2016 he was an exchange student at Chung-Ang University in Seoul, South Korea. Ernest comes from Berlin and has previous professional experience as a communications trainee in the European Parliament in Brussels and press relations in the field of comic book publishing. He currently works for ‘Voices of Culture’ at the Goethe-Institut Brussels and follows a Master's Degree in Photography at LUCA School of Arts.